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Family Practice

Albert J. Strojan, III, DO
Chairman, Family Practice Department

Jonathan E. Eckstein, DO
Family Practice Program Director

Tessy Peter, MD
Associate Chairman

3 Years, 34 positions

The Family Practice program has had a rapid growth and expansion since its inception in 1996, and today serves as a major medical presence in the community. With full-time faculty members present during office hours, clinical teaching is available on a personal basis. Our instructors are capable of performing flex sigmoidoscopy, minor surgical procedures, colonoscopy, GYN exams, interpreting x-rays and lab tests.

Our residents establish a continuity clinic and follow their patients along a continuum for a period of three years.

John’s Episcopal Hospital is an equal opportunity employer.
Please review this information carefully and mail or fax your application to us with all supporting documentation. Thank you for your interest in our residency program.

Family Practice Residency Application (PDF)