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Pastoral Care

All human beings are spiritual as well as physical beings. It is with this fact in mind that the Pastoral Care Department here at Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing Home offers meaningful and quality pastoral care to residents of all religious faiths and traditions. It is our duty to ensure that all residents are respected and treated as "whole" persons. It is our purpose to "be with you" as you travel along your spiritual journey through life. Here at Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing Home, we have several weekly religious services scheduled for your choice. You are invited to attend any of our services.

Regardless of your religious faith, denomination, or tradition, you have the services of the Chaplain at your disposal. We also have a Roman Catholic priest and Rabbi who are on call. They conduct regular services of their faiths and traditions at Bishop MacLean. We also have an ongoing Clinical Pastoral Training Course at Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing Home. Consequently, there will be Chaplain interns, who will also be available to serve you. They too are here to be with you on your spiritual journey through life.

The role of the Chaplain is to provide a ministry to the care and cure of souls. In the hour of difficulty and depression, grief and guilt, anxiety and anger, despair and death, fear and frustration, the chaplain is there to be with you and to listen to your concerns as you wrestle with your feelings and faith, and hopefully reach your own conclusions and difficult decision making in your present experiences. Since our spiritual journey is always ongoing, we also hold memorial services in thanksgiving to God for every one who dies from this family. The services may range from a requiem mass to a prayer service in the form of a bereavement group meeting. We encourage you to make use of the Pastoral Care Department during your stay here. Regardless of your religion or denomination, we are committed to serving you in a respectful and sensitive manner