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Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Nursing Home

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Located at 1711 Brookhaven Avenue with a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean, Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing Home is a state-of-the-art facility that continues the tradition of care established by Episcopal Health Services. This newly refurbished building accommodates 163 residents. It unites generations of quality health care under one roof, along with commitment to serving the community and the ability to meet the challenges of the changing health care system.

Qualified and experienced staff are genuinely interested in making Bishop MacLean a wonderful place to live. The staff reflects the culturally diverse community, where individual differences and preferences are respected. Most of all, we are dedicated to nurturing a sense of family and well-being for everyone who enters our home.

The Bishop MacLean Home serves as an extended family to you, your friends and relatives. It is your connecting link to the surrounding Far Rockaway community as you and your loved ones come to need health care services.

As part of the Episcopal Health Services family, you can feel secure that you and your loved ones will be provided around-the-clock care, without having to leave the community you have grown to love. An overhead foot bridge links Bishop MacLean Nursing Home to emergency and acute care services at St. John's Episcopal Hospital.

Bishop MacLean's philosophy is to always provide high quality care and life to our residents with dignity and respect. Our staff has made this possible due to their hard work, dedication, commitment, and compassion. Community involvement is strong at Bishop MacLean Nursing Home. We are successful at maintaining a positive working relationship with local churches and synagogues whose volunteers readily assist with parties and send handmade gifts to our residents.

Located in the heart of the Rockaway Peninsula overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Bishop Charles Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing Home continues the150 year old tradition of quality health care.


• Licensed by the New York State Department of Health
• Member - American Association of Homes for the Aging
• Member - New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
• Member - Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
• Member - American Society on Aging
• Approved for Medicare and Medicaid
• Affiliated with Mt. Sinai Hospital


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